Symbols In My Life

Dylan Brotherton


My pictures from Africa symbolize my passion for traveling.

My sister symbolizes the fun in my life because she bring out the child in everyone in my home.

The picture of my dog and my chameleon symbolize my love for animals.

The softball symbolizes my passion for the sport, and all the friendships that come along with it.


I am alive

Not like breathing alive

Not like waking up every morning alive

Not like the daily routine

But alive like living life to its fullest

like the rush of a roller coaster

like going through a day full of “oh wells”

instead of “what ifs”



"I lived" - Onerepublic

The purpose of this piece of music is to inform us that we need to own every second of our lives and give everything our all. He wants everyone to live a life full of "oh wells" and not "what ifs".

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