1. What will 2015 hold for you? Our world?

2. Back to the feature 2 was released in 1989. what will our world look like 26 years from now? What do you predict for 2041.

What 2015 holds for me is anyones guess really. It starts with my predictions. I hope that 2015 can be a good year for me. I see more freedoms coming to me as my age increase to see another potentially inspiring year. The one thing im hoping to get from this year to be able to get jobs or to get a car anything to start paving my way in the years to come.

First school selfie of #2015

What i see in the year 2041 is that without a doubt one of the most surging countries in the world is an inevitable change in financial, automotive, schooling, and even government. Like i see more banks and larger amounts of currency trending through the U.S. I also see more dynamically complex piece of auto tech in which we will love but yet hate. To start about school we must use an in close example of me. I am currently in tenth grade and i attend Central high school. I see school having more technical advantages like the teachers and they way its taught

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