Sports Is The Spot
Located: German Town

By: NInti Blackman

Goals: My goal for my "Big Idea" is to build a sport center to help children from any age lose weight, to better their lives for diabetes. Also to keep kids around other kids there ages & keep the blood moving through their little bodys.

Products: The main products will be water to quenih there thrist. Salads you can make yourselfs, cold fruit.

Competitor: Will be Philadelphia Rock Gym & Planet Fitness. They will try to wipe me out of business but won't let that happen, it will be to many kids & parents enjoying my gym with there kids.

My interests are music, shopping, & sports, also love helping out.

The reason i chose this company is to have fun with children & to also bring my own family into it to try it out & to see what a success my business turned out to be after all.

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