Tablet Reconnection

Great job to teachers who helped their students and got reconnected to their new Venue. If you didn't have time; don't fret. Mr. Houston has scheduled Thursday Advisory to give you more time to help get those students connected and to get their tablet personalized like the students like it.

Before students can successfully reconnect they need to know their Microsoft Username and Password. If students did not previously reset their Microsoft Password, or do not know the Password, you may need to guide them through resetting it. STUDENT: Reset Microsoft Password Directions One Page: and the link that takes them to reset is as follows:

You can also send students to me TODAY, 3/25/2015 for help. I'll help all those who didn't get connected when I'm back on Tuesday. (I'm out this Thurs. for selection of our new LMS and Friday for PB.)

Stylus Not Working?

Joy ordered some batteries for us, thanks Joy! I’m giving Becky a box of them & we’ll have a box so visit either Chris/Bridget or Becky in the library. *Please note on Wednesdays Becky is a Clear Path so she is not there to assist you.

Visit Becky, Bridget or Chris to get batteries for your stylus.

If a student was absent Tuesday when we redeployed the Venues, it is the student's responsibility to get their tablet. Please send them to the Library on Tuesdays and Thursdays ALL DAY and then on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7  - 9 a.m.  You can send students who have tablet needs any of those scheduled times, or they can submit a help ticket to get assistance.

NEW Pilot to Help Teachers Keep Students on Task with Tablets

Clear View school has been selected for teachers to voluntarily pilot the use of a program called "Class Policy."

This programs gives teachers the ability orchestrate the order in which students do tasks, push out documents or screens and you can limit what program a student works on. Please let Bridget know if you are interested and stay tuned to Tim Rogers on Thursday during his session on LAD.

Need Funding for your Class?

  • Donors Choose - is a non-profit association that allows individuals to donate directly to public school classroom projects. Founded in 2000, the organization asks teachers "What change do you want in your classroom?" A teacher answers that question by choosing exactly what items are needed and describes the project online. Once funded, the items are sent to the classroom for immediate use. 70% of projects posted are funded. Teachers can sign up here. Adopt A Classroom and ClassWish are similar websites with crowdsourcing donation programs.
  • Digital Wish - Digital Wish has everything you need to locate funding specifically for classroom technology. Just like a gift registry, teachers build a wish list of technology products for the classroom and then tell prospective donors how their support will make a difference to students. In addition, Digital Wish offers discounts on common technology for the classroom.
  • Grant Wrangler - Grant Wrangler is dedicated to providing information about grants available for teachers. The site divides the grants available into several different categories like STEM, Arts and Humanities, Health and Physical Education, Libraries, Technology, and more.
  • EdTech Team Student Device Grant - The EdTech Team provides class sets of Chromebooks or Nexus devices to schools around the world out of their training profits. So far, they have donated 20 class sets. The short online application is available here.
  • Corning Incorporated Foundation - The foundation supports competitive grants for instructional technology for the classroom. Currently, they provide 136 grants in education totaling about $3 million.
  • Funding Factory - Get your community behind the effort to recycle inkjet and toner cartridges, cell phones, and small electronics and earn points toward technology. The program is completely free for schools and even includes the cost of shipping the items.
  • Grant Watch - This website offers information on all of the latest grants available. New grants are posted every day.
  • District Foundations - Many school districts now have a separate foundation that provides grants to classroom teachers. Check with your central office to see if your school has one and take advantage of that opportunity.
  • EdTech Conference Grants K-12 administrators, teachers and technology coordinators are eligible for these grants that make it possible for individuals to attend education technology conferences from eInstruction. Loaner technology to use at the conference and a few other perks are also included.
    Funding amount: $3,500Deadline: 5 months in advance of conference

e-learning Explained for Teachers

March 24, 2015

Electronic Learning, conventionally known as e-learning, is a digitally mediated type of learning. The standard way of lesson delivery in e-learning was and mostly still is computer and hence the traditional definition of e-Learning as computer mediated learning. However, now with the huge advancement in web technologies and the emergence of several other devices that have more or less the same computational functionalities as computers (e.g tablets, Chromebooks, hand-held devices…etc), e-learning now can be facilitated through different devices.

e-Learning has several advantages. Some of which , according to Virtual College, include: it is cost effective and saves time, it is available anytime/anywhere with Internet connection, and it makes it easy to track course progress.As a form of digital learning, e-learning is divided into two main categories: synchronous e-learning (involves real-time interaction between participants) and asynchronous e-learning (participants can take the course at their own time and pace). Check out the visual below to learn more about what e-learning is all about and how it can be implemented in different learning settings.


Earth Day Resorces

Help your students celebrate Earth Day on April 22. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has a downloadable PDF document with suggested Earth Day activities that educators are welcome to share.

Use This "Tackk" Tool in Class; Here's How

If you like the way Clear View's newsletter looks and the way this information was created you should consider using Tackk with students.

It's as easy as copy, paste, and insert. You as the teacher can also create a class board to have all your student Tackks put together in one board. Check out this Tackk for details and let your students start becoming influencers of their media.  or you can see how it's being used in Education

TIM Video Grant

Just a reminder to submit that TIM Video Grant. And, here's a link to the folder with information on the grant.


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