Writing Your Way to Happiness

a wellness article by The New York Times

Writing your way to happiness is not as cliche as it may seem. The New York Times writes an article on how many studies have shown great improvements in college students who write when facing a challenge. Many students have a hard time adjusting to the college atmosphere freshman and sophomore year. So, some of the universities decided that they would have their students write a letter to their future selves or make a video. These methods would help them later on realize how they could overcome their struggles with time. A few collegians found that they didn't allow themselves enough time to adjust. They merely thought that they'd get the hang of things right away. But for most, this was not the case. Professors all over the United States had their students write about what was going on in their lives at that particular moment and where they wanted to go from there. The students were told to write for 15 minutes everyday. Many found peace within this coping mechanism.

While reading this article, I found a lot of the studies to be helpful. As a high school senior, I am gearing up to face the real world and go to college. Knowing that many students were benefitting from writing everyday was a fantastic thing to hear. Although I am not the world's greatest writer, it is still quite entertaining to whip out a notebook and fill the pages with my thoughts. I will definitely exercise these methods next year for sure.


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