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Perspectivas Monterrey

In this activity we visit the most important museums that are found in the city, the one that is below is the Goverment Palace which in the upper level works the governor and most his team. Historians explained us the history which Monterrey has gone through, it´s pretty interesting.


In here an available person explained us how the goverment decisions take place and how does it works. He told us that all decisions in the congress are public and everyone who can remain in silence may listen to all proposals and decisions. In total there are 18 congressman from the PAN as 16 from PRI, 3 from Nueva Alianza and 2 from PRD in total there are 40 congressman taking decisions and evaluating all proposals.

Biblioteca Fray Servando Teresa de Mier

In here we visit the interior of the building and a person told us there was going to be a reading club of Edgar Allan Poe. We made some questions to an employee who was in charge of books and he explained us that it exist a huge collection of books in the library which are in cd format and many others. He told us that most of the books that are found in here are from exclusive literature of Nuevo León as well as foreign books. Everyone can rent a book and return it later, the acquis is a collection of books and documents which are in many format.

Explana de los Héroes

In front of the Goverment Palace where situated 4  monuments in there were found Morelos, which was one of the founders of the Mexican Independence, in a side is located Benito Juarez which was one of the presidents who let a legacy to México. Escobedo and Hidalgo also are in front of the building.

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