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Mountain Ecosystem

1.Bamboo:stick like plant.                           2.Cotton Grass:grass that contains cotton.

3.Red algae:algae that's red.                      4. Shrub:somewhat like a bush.

5.Vines:rope like objects made of grass     6.Banana Trees:trees that produce fruits.




                 1. Cougars                                                  2. Golden Lions

                 3. Humans                                                  4. Jack Rabbits

                 5. Mountain Goats                                      6. Ravens



                 1. Flies                                                       2. wasps

                 3. Earthworms                                           4. Cockroaches

                 5. Bacteria                                                 6. Fungi

Population Chart of A Mountain Ecosystem

Limiting Factors

             Food Chain example:   1).Berries    2).Deer    3).Bears    4).Humans

  Berries are producers, and producers are living things that can make their own food called glucose. Once the berries are eating by the deer, the energy from that plants know  as glucose. Is transferred through the whole food chain, and gives everything energy as long as the sun gives energy to the plants, and everyone eats each other in the right  order. The food chain will keep a energy flow for all animals in the food chain, but if the population of one animal population becomes higher than it should be(population stays in  a "calm state" in population, and one part(species/plants)of the ecosystem, food chain, or food web doesn't dominate and doesn't eat everything. Everything will be as normal as  it possibly, can be.

Food web

Differences Between Food Webs & Food Chains

 Food webs show more of the animals/plants in it, and current flow of it.Food chains only have about four to six living things, such as producers,a few consumers,a few  decompose-rs, and then the cycle "restarts it's self";meaning it completes the process over and over again.Food webs and food chains are different because as you already  know from earlier;a food web has more living things and the food chain has less living things.If you were to remove a population from the food chain;it could ruin the food chain But maybe not for a food web.

Producers In The Mountains

  Producers are usually living plants that can go through photosynthesis(plants making a food called glucose).Producer(s) are usually living things that start off a food chain, or  food web but they also get energy from the sun, water to get a drink, decompose-rs to give nutrients to soil, and air to breathe so they really just need those four things.


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