Concerning Instant Racing

One of the fastest growing virtual sports

With the 2014 Belmont Stakes fast approaching, California Chrome is looking to become the first triple crown winner since the 70's. Currently, interest has never been higher in the sport, and so the overall appeal of racing has never been as high.

That's why a lot of race tracks are adopting instant racing machines, to provide a new thrill for their customers. These machines are perfect for recapturing that feel of race day, and for providing a more unique take on the racing experience.

They resemble any other type of video machine, and they store a library of more than 60,000 different previous horse races. But they also provide a record of the races that's free from the names of anybody involved, so that the race can appear to be new every single time.

This enables users to make bets about the results of the race, without the outcome being unintenionally ruined. That's one of the biggest draws, and the main reason behind these machines growing popularity.

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