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Tumblr is sending us a lot more traffic than people would imagine. So, having a Tumblr version of your site could be crucial. It’s crazy just to utilize the Tumblr network. I got the idea after seeing the Cheezburger network doing it and doing it so successfully.
ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS 1. Get to know your ecoverlab review . Find the top blogs and sites in your niche. Start figuring out what they’re doing, socially and otherwise, to build up their sites. Once you have something to offer them, reach out and befriend them. Then you can collaborate instead of compete. 2. Start a Facebook campaign. Create a Facebook page with your domain as the vanity URL (i.e. Start by inviting your friends to like it. Consider running a competition or giveaway. All the while, regularly update your page with links, images, videos, and questions. Then evaluate your Facebook Insights to figure out how else you can maximize Facebook. 3. Build up a Twitter profile. Spend some time monitoring Twitter Search and interacting with people as a friend. As you build relationships with people, share their content and ask them to do the same. 4. Maximize video content. If possible, start recreating your content as professional videos. Upload them to your YouTube channel and embed them on your site. Then sparingly submit them to ecoverlab reviewand ask Tumbloggers if they’ll re-post your videos. 5. Consider getting involved in StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+. StumbleUpon doesn’t like ads. Pinterest likes images and infographics. Tumblr likes short, digestible content. And Google+ is good for increasing your search engine rankings. Get involved in multiple social platforms so you can diversify your traffic and not be dependent on any one source.

He started a website called, where he taught people his baseball know-how. Brian started a Facebook page for the site, but he mostly abandoned it after getting only a couple hundred fans. Then, in the summer of 2010, Moran began experimenting with Facebook ads. He set up a funnel system to collect people’s emails and sell them a baseball training product. After some tinkering, Brian eventually hit a formula that worked and his money spent on Facebook ads started to pay off with sales and leads. When the Train Baseball Facebook page reached 10,000 fans, Moran knew that he was onto something. He started a new website and fan page dedicated to helping other people succeed with ecoverlab review  and called it Get 10,000 Fans.

Brian Moran Today Get 10,000 Fans went from 0 to 140,000 fans in just about a year and today it’s a million dollar business.


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