The Japanese Way to Cook

Book: Weston, Reiko. Cooking the Japanese Way. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Lerner. Web.

About the Book

This book will help you learn how to cook and about some customs from Japan.

5 Cooking Vocabulary Words'

Boil - When water has gotten very hot, has bubbles forming, and has steam.

Simmer - When water is hot but not yet boiling.

Beat - To mix something, usually used as beating eggs or mixing eggs.

Drain - To poor or remove the water from the food or an item.

Rinse - To clean something with water usually.

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Ramen was originally made in China, but is very popular in Japan. In Japan there is a girls day, boys day, and a children's day to honor the people of the day. (Girl's day is on May 5, boy's day is March 3, and children's day is one May 5.) Lastly people in Japan sit on the ground and eat on a coffee table.

Personal Connection
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The connection I have with this book is I love too cook and this is a cooking book. I also am asian and I'm a really big Japanese fan of about everything! (Besides Sushi)

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