Rube Goldberg Reflection


At the beginning of Rube Goldberg I thought that the project wasn't going to help me in life and I was going to learn anything from it. As we got into it, I have to be honest, my opinion didn't change. We weren't getting anywhere. One day I was at PEAK and thought that there was absolutely no way that we were going to finish. When I came back I didn't see our Rube Goldberg Project. I saw something that had potential.That day my team had come together and re-thought our project. They had cut things that we didn't need and added things that we did. Over the next couple of days I not only saw the project come to life, but I saw my team come to life. Before the project I never knew things like how handy ALH is with a drill, or what good a leader EW is. I never knew how good KD is with hot wheels or how creative BH is with decorations. I never knew what good problem solvers BB or HN are. I never knew how positive AS. and IH were or how ANW could alway make you smile. I also never knew how much I needed their happiness to keep me going. I found that I am a very negative person. I am so happy that I was in their group because I needed their happiness to keep me in the game. The cheering when we got the machine to work was enough to prove to me one thousand times that I was so wrong. Even though we had ups and down it has been my favorite part of the year.

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