Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk Watches: Diving-sized, wide-ranged functionalities

Citizen Eco-Drive SkyHawk watches are definitely for them who have finally came to the realization that they need a timepiece that does everything but require no upkeep.

Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk watches have seem to redefine atomic timekeeping. Its radio-controlled accuracy (5 zones in total; North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, China, and Japan) and Eco-Drive technology ensures you won’t be missing out on a single moment, ever.

The Skyhawk has already earned accolades from them always up for their next adventure. Not just in aviation sports, but anything that demands timekeeping and measuring in differemt modes.Its technology allows it to be used anywhere you might like it. The sleek stainless steel construction makes it fit for every tread of life.

All that aside, what might really interest you is you can create a custom timezone with the Skyhawk A – T. It allows settings in 15-minutes increments, runs for 6 months in complete darkness (when fully charged and it does that easy) and even if you are not receiving any radio signal due to your location, you shall run no more than +15 seconds/month.

Its take in the aviation arena is quite remarkable. The quick shift between time zones without any kind of resetting is useful for frequent flyers/travelers. The UTC is a feature that is preferred mostly by aviators (like GMT) and with the countdown timer and the chronograph, you can juggle time in quite a few many ways. The slide rules are fabulous for basic flying calculations and its 600 ft WR ensures your watch will survive even if you crash in the sea. However, do not try deep/saturation diving with the SkyHawk.

The latest SkyHawks showcase a significant improvement; now they have a backlight on the LCD. Some, especially them used to just basic watches, might find the SkyHawks big and to an extent – heavy and thick, but it’s surprising the way it fits even the man with a slight frame. They don’t appear oversized unless you are exceptionally skinny and frail; those who love all-metal watches shall find it the right watch to own.

Now, to the functions. To the uninitiated, this might seem quite complicated but there’s not anything that’s not intuitive; rest, leave it upon the excellent documentations. It’s just the intitial setup that might take some time, but once it’s done, it’s done for all. Spend a little time with the Citizen diver watch and you’ll learn to use the watch to its fullest.

The only thing that might annoy you is too much use of the crown; hence, its built solidly - as solid as the steel bands. Howebver, for all that you’ll be getting, this is a small issue owners so far have overlooked.