Our product that we are selling is Christmas cards this is good as it is the festive season. We will sell a wide range of cards to fulfil everyone's expectations and needs. By using a wider range of cards we could possibly attract a huge host of customers.

Design - snowy Christmas season with choice of Santa or Rudolph.

Usefulness - used to celebrate Christmas.

Value - 60p each.

Quality - designed well with great features.


The price of our cards is 60p as it is cheap as well as we are selling in good numbers. At the end of the day we could make about £10 within the 1 and a half hours that we have. It is vital to sell at the right price as if its too low, highest possible profit may not be gained. On the other hand you cant over price as no one will buy your product.  As we sell xmas cards there is a demand in Christmas so there is a demand therefore we will use demand orientated pricing.

Penetration pricing - keep low until established

Price skimming - high then gradually low

Promotional pricing - low for a short spell then back to normal

Destroyer pricing - keep low to eliminate opposition then rise

Demand orientated pricing - low if demand is low, high if demand is high.


We are placing our sale in C block as there is many people who could possibly buy our product. We think that it is a good place to sell because me and I partner believe this is the most crowded area therefore to gain maximum revenue we should set up in this area so we do0 achieve a good final product. placing yourself in the right place is important because you want to be around the type of people who will buy your product. our company will place our product in a retailers, wholesalers and telesales.

Retailer e.g tesco

Wholesaler e.g the range

Telesales e.g argos

Internet e.g amazon


For our promotion we have made posters as well as told many people about our card sale. With our promotion we should attract people in large numbers, without promotion selling products can be very difficult. our company will be using direct marketing and personal selling.

Personal selling - e.g on a stall

Sales promotions - e.g 2 for 1

Advertising - tv, radio

Direct marketing - post through letter box.