By: Alana Gatzemeyer


Do you like to exercise? If so then this is the tackk for you .It’s going to tell you about how long to practice , what to wear, your health and how to run daily .So if you are interested then you found the tackk for you.


Do you want to know why running is important? It’s important because your body needs energy for it to work .There is many things you need to know about running. This tackk will provide information about your health,and what practice you need. You need to know how to run daily, and also what you need to wear when you run.


Your health is very important to your body. Here is a list of food you should eat for breakfast .for breakfast you should have milk, eggs,or anything nutritious. You need to eat a good size meal everyday .Also you should eat a good amount of fruit and veggies .Breakfast is the most important meal of the day


To help you practice at least need to run every day for about 10 minutes. Run anywhere you can .So if you want to run down the block and back go for it. There are many places you can run. All you need to do is stay fit. If you have a tread meal use it for you exercise .Just run everywhere you can.


When you run daily you can go outside and around the block I don’t care just RUN!!! Run back up. If you wish to you can run longer .It will also get your heart beating so it will give you energy.


When you run you always have to wear tennis shoes when you run. You also need runnable shirt & shorts if you choose to wear any of it .But you really need tennis shoes to help you run faster.


Running is an amazing sport now that you have learned everything you need to know .It’s time for you to exercising. This tackk has told you about your health , the practice you need , how to run daily, & What you need to wear when you run that’s all you have to do to get fit .


*DAILY=Do something everyday

*EXERSIZE =Active (doing something)

*HEALTH= What you eat and how much you eat

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