lyden B Johnson

by chase .  pittman

Lyndon b. Johnson, sometimes referred as LBJ, was born August 27, 1908, in stonewall Texas. He later died in his home town in, 1973 , January 22. He lived  successful life and helped others live a successful life as well. He signed the civil rights act, and helped end segregation in america. Being the 36th president, he later became the 37th vice president.

His ghost on the world today

looking at the world, we can see many examples of what LBJ changed, for the better. black people may now vote without going through stupid test and having to put up with even more stupid rules. we see colored people treated more equally, and every citizen having rights. if he wasn't president, then some people might not have a job( Obama) and maybe some presidents might not had been elected. LBJ gave colored people not what they needed, but deserved. Rights.

Final Thought

In my opinion, LBJ  was one of our better presidents. He did a lot for his country, and gave rights to those who deserved them. no matter how much hate and boos that he got in every wake. I can see why some people would hate him, but their just haters and racist.

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