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1. When it comes to agreeing with the quote, people bring up they are given hope from knowing that they have somewhere else to go after life and that they'll see them again. On the other hand, there's no scientific proof of heavens and hell and the last come first but this can't be true if we are all created equal.

2. "Neither I nor any other living person can know anything about the reality of that hope. We know that our physical bodies decay after we die. I for one believe that the part of us which is not physical, the part we call the soul or personality, does not and cannot die. But I am not capable of imagining what a soul without a body looks like. Will we be able to recognize disembodied souls as being the people we had known and loved?" Page 33

3. It shows that God is fair but works in mysterious ways. It makes someone want to be a good person.

4. If we are all created equal, then why do the last come first?

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