No Littering!!!!

littter is a tarrible thing to do and causes polution

littering killes animals and the envorment

littering is dangrous. it can kill animals that think is food. also it causes polution. it also makes the out door would look and smell tarrible. also it dosent help any one. people that do litter just dont care or are to lazy to go to the trash can. people also dont like people that just throw there stuff on the ground likr it will put its self in the garbage. plenty of anamils have died when some one just throws trash on the floor. it makes anamils think its food and anamils die from it.

dont litter unless you like seeing trash all over the place. when you litter your just saying you cant make it to the trash. there is tons of peices of trash floating in rives or lakes or just laying on the ground. it is so simple just to put in the trash or recycle it. DONT LITTER

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