Function, cost and appearance


The function of the design mix is what the product does for example what is the purpose of the product and what does it is do. such as the Liquiglide ketchup bottle. The purpose of this product is to make sure no ketchup is wasted in the bottle, everything is used. This is also how it works, you just pour the ketchup like you normally do. It works by the super hydrophobic surface which is like a lotus leaf; this is a highly textured surface which creates a cushion of air for the product to sit on.  The Liquiglide is a permanently wet, liquid-impregnated surface which is normally designed to be super slippery and this makes the product sits on a layer of liquid.


The appearance means what the product looks like and why is it made this way. The appearance of the product is just shaped like a normal bottle, and you can't tell if it could be super slippery. Customers who would buy this product would be happy with it because it is not weirdly shaped, it is also made of glass so it is easy to slide whereas if it was plastic it would be a little sticky.


The cost is how much the product is. The cost is not yet revealed but they do say " Once a coating is developed and licensed, we will charge licensing fees which vary depending on the application – they are based on how much value is being created for the client. The actual material cost of LiquiGlide’s coatings is negligible. For example, the ketchup bottle coating costs a fraction of a cent per bottle at lab scale, which would be even less at full production scale."

The Liquiglide Ketchup Bottle , it is the first and lasting wet slippery surface technology. There is no other hard working solution which makes the sticky liquids slide easily.  Most customers were concerned whether the bottle was toxic, because of how it was made and the answer is no, if you scrape the bottle of with a knife, it is safe to eat it.

It is good for the customers because liquids such as ketchup is not easy to get out, so it is a big deal for the bottle and the technology behind it, the bottle would prevent the waste of the ketchup.