The colonial days in 1800,s

  Howdy my name is Julian and I have a story to tell about the 18th cenchurey.And if you were there you would do a lot of work. I have a sister named Jennifer and we work together on our 9 Acker house we can not afford school . But we learn from farm work. We milk cows twice a week.  We have 4 cows. It is hard to milk when you are 9 . Are mom is Juliet smith and are dad is a blacksmith worker with me and Jennifer's stickey brother Joshua  he is 16 and a he is a stinker in plou head . Every morning at 5:00 AM we get up for chorus. We love to work out in the barn. We make 400 candles a week ! We have 2 rooms in the house  and we are a  family  of 5 we have really schweesh places and our dad is adding on to the house right about now . My mane jobs are getting the candles lit and made and doing the morn and dawn laghndrey

We help mom make dinner sometimes I got flower on my face last night. We have 20 candles in the morning in our house. We like it when are brother Joshua  is piching I  was pushing and turning the butter turner and I started at 6.: AM and ended at 11:00 in the afternoon my hands were as tired as a worn out baby cow . I made 3 pans of butter today and 133 candles . I did the loandrey this morning and in a shack of a lambs.I want to tell you how many animals I have 2 lambs 4 cows 2 fish 3 pigs 5 horses . I love living on a farm with my family and you would to! Then that night every thing was great  we ate dinner then I went to hit the hay I got in my frickishley short gown and went to hit the hay .

                  Reagan Stonecipher