We Are In The Future...

What will our future hold?

What will 2015 hold for me? For our world?

Looking upon this year looming ahead of me, I see challenges. Some in which I'll over come and some in which that will be too difficult. I see places for improvement in which I have been struggling with over the past year.

Commitment. The ability to start something and see it through.

Acceptance. To understand that I can't control everything and I'll make mistakes.

Courage. To put myself out there even with the possibility hanging over me that I might fail.

As for our world literally, it's slowly dying off. Choking on the pollution its inhabitants produce. Who knows how long we have this world that has taken care of us generations upon generations, so let's take care of what we have be fore we see what it's like not to have at all.

Our world 26 years from now...

In 2041, our world will be shifting to electric cars rather than gas cars. Less developed countries will progress and all less developed countries will have simple, small things. Things such as health insurance, running water, improved transportation, and better paying jobs. People all around the world will have cease to suffer from poverty and starvation. Or it will increase to such great proportions that many people will lose their lives.

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