Geography and the Settlement of Greece

     Greece is a beautiful place. Do you know how Greece started? How did they settle in? You will learn about the geography and the early settlement of Greece.

     Greece may look like the perfect place to live in, however there were many hardships when traveling. When people traveled on land, they either walked or rode on wooden carts pulled by oxen or mules. The roads were all unpaved, there were sharp rocks all over the place, and the wooden wheels would break easily. They had to carry food so they won't starve. Also, there were huge mountains in there way. They didn't want to go through the mountains. Also, they could get robbed by bandits who wander there. Many animals such as cheetahs and lions would come after them and attack so they traveled by groups.

     They also had some issues traveling by water. They didn't have anything to steer the ship to the place where they wanted except for the stars. So if they didn't know where they were then they were stranded there until they found land. They also didn't know where there was sharp rocks so if they crashed into a rock and a hole was made, they would sink. There was no lighthouses to tell them where there was sharp rocks. However, the Greeks were smart so they stayed close to land so they wouldn't come close to land. They only sailed in the day so they wouldn't hit any rocks.

     Farming was hard for Greeks back then. They didn't have much land to farm because of all of the mountains there were. So they planted things that didn't take up much space like grapes and olives. Then they traded with other people to get other types of food. They also raised animals. However, they couldn't raise cattle because they took too much space up. Instead, they raised goats and sheep. Sheep provided clothing, and goats provided milk and cheese. Some families kept pigs and chickens also.

     The Greeks population kept growing, soon there wasn't enough food to feed everyone. Wars began for food. People were stealing. So they made colonies. They made colonies in Spain, France, Italy, and Africa, and along the coast of the Black Sea. Some colonies didn't do so well, so they traded. Some people traded grain, metal, and timber for olive oil and pottery. They established colonies from 1000 to 650 B.C.E.

     The Greeks traded items such as pottery, olives, and clothing for grain, timber, and metal. They did this because they needed the food.

     As you can see, Greece is an amazing place. There are many breathtaking sites such as the Parthenon( which is shown in the picture ). The Greeks survived even through all of these hardships. That is a big accomplishment.

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