your lifestyles choices are what will happen to your body and health in the near future. Smoking can increse the risk of cancer and other diseases mainly affects the lungs and moth areas due to unhealthy smoke and other harmful chemicals. Smoking also kills on average 80,000 people per year. even second hand smoke can be damaging to your health because of all the chemicals cigarettes and cigars are made out of lets off the same amount of damaging substances.  Alcohol can damage your brain cells causing long term brain damage it can also damage your heart and in worse cases you can get an irregular heart beat, stroke, and high blood pressure and alcohol can cause some types of cancer like mouth, throat, and liver cancers. Eating the five main food groups can make a healthier lifestyle. eating unhealthy food can put a lot of extra stress on your heart increases the rate of a heart attack, blood clots, and strokes. If you excercise you can burn the calories of your everyday diet and if you eat healthy and excercise you will live a happier healthier life. If you exercise more, eat healthy, not smoke, and drink less alcohol you will have a healthier life. Our food habits can cause many different diseases or health issues, like heart disease, stroke, some types of cancer, and diabetes. Air pollution can harm the body by the smoke emitted into the air by busses, cars, trains etc. even burning leaves and plants can be harmful to the environment and humans. Harmful things such as asthma, lung cancer, allergies, and breathing problems can come from harmful polluted air. Water pollution can kill aquatic animal life and can sometimes get into aquifers making our fresh drinking water polluted and harmful to us. Littering can also sometimes end up in water ways harming all living things around it.