Swift Funds - Finance Management

Swift Funds is a business solutions firm that focuses mainly on the health and wellness industry. They have a long history of helping gyms, athletic clubs, fitness centers, yoga studios and more increase the cost-efficiency of their operations in many ways, and that includes handling the many financial transactions in and out of the company’s account.

This starts with analysis of all of the company’s revenue, which is mostly earned through membership fees. Swift Funds offers a Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for their client businesses and their members so that payments can be easily processed in a paperless manner, and then stored in a database which is subject to analysis for future reporting.

Then, there are analytics about your cost which will too be included in those reports. Costs can include everything from rent and supplies to personnel; and it will single out these factors so that it is very clear where the majority of your expenses are going. This data will help you make decisions n how to lower costs while boosting your profits.

Furthermore, the advanced software that Swift Funds includes their effective Data Tracker tool, which not only evaluates all of the aforementioned pieces but also presents all of this data in a comprehensive and easy-to-read report that includes charts, diagrams and summary statements that can help fuel your future financial decisions. You can rest assured that those decisions will be made most wisely with all of the detailed information that Swift Funds provides.

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