My Exploration Proposal for King Charles IX

By: Ennemi Espagnol

I would like to leave on my expedition on 1570. Being born and raised in France, I would prefer for my own benevolent ruler to fund my expedition. I will bring back iron and coal from the New World. Even though we have those materials here they are low quality and hard to mine. We can also trade with the Natives for fur. Even though all of the other countries want gold, iron and coal are more valuable because when citizens buy, you will get the tax money. I will go to inland Virginia because of tales of the rich soil, plentiful coal, and valuable iron ore.

The location of my journey will be an issue. Because of English settlements, there might be conflict over land. There might also be conflict with hostile Natives. This can be solved by relocating or offering to trade. Spain is also sending conquistadors who torture Natives into becoming Christen, which is not the path to go. I will tell them about our religion and let them make their own decisions. Obstacles I expect to face are not enough food, supplies, or resources.

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