Claire's is one of the leading specialty retailers of fashionable jewelry and accessories for young women and children. Claire's operates in 44 countries around the world through company-owned and franchise stores. As of May 3, 2014, Claire’s Stores, Inc. operated 3,071 stores in 18 countries throughout North America, Europe, and China. The Company also franchised 426 stores in 29 countries primarily located in the Middle East, Central and Southeast Asia and Central and South America.

The history Claire’s Stores extends back to 1961 when Rowland Schaefer started a company called Fashion Tress Industries, which sold wigs and hair pieces. Also in the 1960’s a chain of retail stores called Claire’s Boutiques was operating in Chicago and the mid-west. In 1973 Rowland Schaefer purchased the Claire’s Boutiques chain, and then changed the name of the company to Claire’s Stores. Other stores that have been owned and operated by Claire’s Stores include Tokpkapi, Dara Michelle, Arcadia, Art Explosion and Icing.

Each and every Claire’s store has to have just the right products to meet our customers’ needs. That’s where Allocation comes in—it directs the flow of products to stores based on sales and inventory budgets, determined by merchandise chain planning.

To drive sales it’s vital to catch our customers’ eye and make it easy for them to navigate our stores. It’s the In Store Presentation team’s role to determine the placement of merchandise in our stores and create planograms, which result in the most effective presentation of merchandise, making shopping at Claire’s enjoyable for our customers—and more profitable for us.

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