3D Kidney: Ted Talk

Common day medicine has allowed people to live significantly longer and with living longer organ transplants are becoming more difficult to do. The 3D printing of the kidney  is like a scanner and is using the cells of the patient to recreate the organ and help the patient. They wanted a more sufficient way to print the organs so they decided to print the organs back onto the body of the patient where it shows the injury.  The technology in today's world is saving lives and is allowing humans to recreate important organs to help with people who need a bladder transplant or a kidney transplant or any other organ needed to save a human life without having to wait for the death of another human. The technology is still being perfected and tested but the more studying and practice can lead to great things.  The video was very informational and fascinating that scientist and doctors are learning to take cells from people and regenerate them into prototypes of healthy organs for the sick and injured. If I could create a 3D organ it would be the brain. The brain is a complicated organ that helps control your entire body. By being able to recreate the brain we can help patience that have tumors as well as patients that are brain dead. Helping recreate the brain to be a healthy functioning organ can save many lives and restore the power back to the patients.

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