Mom You Are Great

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I Love You Mommy

Thank you for everything you have ever done for me. You give me anything I want and Bri-Bri and Daija as well. Since you have done so much for me its, my turn to do something for you.So I hope you enjoy this website just for you. I love you mommy.


My mom is awesome. My mom is awesome because she loves me. She takes me and my sisters any and every where. My mom is wonderful she care and does the most for me.I have the worlds best mom.


My mom is very bright. When she was a child she made very good grades. She made the junior honor society. She tells me everyday if I believe in myself I can do anything . These are some reason on how my mom is bright.


My mom is caring. She goes out of her way to make sure I have what I want, and need. My mom also loves me and that's what I like about her most. My mom put food on the table, clothes on my back, and shoes on my feet. That's all i could ever ask for. These are some reasons that shows how my mom is caring.  

D's and F's

My mom don't play about grades. She tells me everyday I have to get good grades and work hard in school. Hard work really pays off. I'm making straight A's thanks to my mom saying "You can do it.'' These are grades that my mom doesn't play about.


My mom makes everything exciting. Such as birthday parties. Every birthday I remember was fun and exciting. It was just a lot of things to do. The cakes were always big, there was always a lot of presents. These are some things that make my mom exciting  


Flawless by Beyonce is one of my moms favorite songs. No matter where she's at if flawless comes on she starts singing. She loves Beyonce. Her favorite song makes her want to get up and sing. Thats my mom's favorite song.

My mom is gorgeous. She's the prettiest woman I've ever seen. She has pretty blackish, brownish hair. She has pretty dark brown eyes. These are some things that make my mom gorgeous.



M y mom is humorist. She always finds a way to make me laugh. When im sad she tells me jokes. She even tickles me. These are some reasons on how my mom is humorist.


My mom is very intelligent. She tells me and my sisters, going to school and collage is important. She says collage is something you have to do, its not an option. If I'm having a hard time with homework I can always ask my mom for help. These are some reasons on how my mom is intelligent.


My mom is funny, and she likes to joke. Most times when she tells us a joke, my little sister turns it into a game. Some jokes she tells me are really funny. Whenever I'm upset my mom, finds away to make me smile. These are some things that happen when my mom tells us jokes.


My mom is kind. As long as I'm getting good grades my friends are aloud to come to my house. Sometimes when my mom see's a homeless person, she will buy them some food. My mom helps me to ignore the little things people say to me, she tells me to just stay come and keep it moving. My moms kindness shines through her. These are some things  that tell you how my mom is kind.


My mom is a very loving mother. My mom make's sure that me and my sisters are well taken care off. She put foods on my table, clothes on my back, and shoes on my feet. She loves me and my sister with all her heart. That's the most I could ever ask from my moms for her to love me. These are some of the many reasons why I love my mother.


Mommy I love you with all my heart. Mommy you do a lot for me. So this website is one thing I can do for you. I want to dedicate this website to you. To my mother I love you with all my heart. Some things I do and will keep doing to show you how much I love you, will be to respect you, clean up around the house, and keep my grades up in school. These are some things to show how much i love my mother.

                                                                            I love You MOM


My mom is nice because she always makes sure I have what I need, and want. My mom is also nice because when i'm sad she always find away to help me laugh. My mom is very nice to our family she always does there hair she takes them places. My mom is nice because she love and cares for my sisters, and I. Those are just some of the reasons my mom is nice.


I would say my mom was very outgoing. My mom is very outgoing because if she wants something she will go after it.My mom says nothing's to big and nothing's to small. If she tells everyday I can do anything. She also says no task is to big for me to handle. These are some ways my that my mother is outgoing.


My mom is very pretty. My mom is the prettiest women I've ever seen. She has silky brown hair. Big brown eye.These are some reasons on how pretty my mom is pretty.


My mom is quick to do something for her family. I f I call my mom up to my school she will be there in 2.5 seconds. The reason she does is because she loves her family. My moms quick because she is quick to clean up, and to having fun with us.These are just some of the reasons why my mom is quick.


My mom is very responsible. My mom is responsible because she always make sure me and my sister have everything we need, and want. My mom is responsible for paying bill, cooking, and buying the clothes that I wear. My mom is one of the most responsible people I know. Those are just some of the reasons why my mom is so responsible.


My mom is very smart. My mom is smart because she is back in school. When my mom was in school she always had GREAT grades.My mom she's in school know and she still making great grades. That's why my mom is so smart to me.


My mom's name is Toni so i'm going, to tell you what every letter in her name means to me. T means terrific. O is outstanding. N is nice. I is intelligent. Those are what the letters in my moms name means to me.


My mom is very understanding. My mom is understanding because she listens to my side of the story as well. She understands when i tell her someone at school has been bulling me. My mom tells me to stop listening to the girls at school. Those are some of the reasons why my mom is understanding.


My mo is very valuable to me. One reason my mom is so valuable to me is because she loves me. She loves me and would do anything for me. So it would only be fair for me to do the same. If i could save one thing in a fire would be her. I would like for my mom to know that I love her.


My mom always tells us what the weather will be like the next day. The reason this is, is so that we dress the right way. So if its raining my mom tells us to wear rain boots. If its hot she tells us we can wear shorts. These are some reasons on how my mom tells us the weather.


My mom is a good singer. I think she  could be on the x-factor. I think my mom has a good voice and could be the next Beyonce. I think all the judges would be trying to sign her to there label. These are some reasons i think my mom should be on the X- factor .


My mom makes good food. Her candy yummy are really good. She always put a lot of marshmallows , and brown sugar. Sorry but i can not tell you the secret ingredient. These are some foods that taste really good.


Zoom. If i call my mom she will be there asap. That's because she loves me and i love her just as much. My mom loves her family. I no she would do anything for them. These are some reason on how my mom zooms.

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