Hockey in Canada in the 1900s


This is the logo for the NHA a hockey league founded in 1909 by Ambrose O'Brien. The NHA had 2 teams that are in the NHL today

1Montreal Canadiens                                                                                        

2. Ottawa Senators


This is a picture of Dave Ritchie a Canadian ice hockey player who played in the NHA and the NHL. Dave Ritchie was also the first player to score a goal in the NHL.

This is a picture of the Winnipeg Falcons. Canada sent them to represent Canada in the ice hockey tournament in the 1920 Olympics. They won the first gold medal in ice hockey.  


In 1927 Elizabeth Graham was the first person ever to wear a goalie mask when she played at Queens University to protect her teeth.


This is a picture of the original 6 .The original 6 was formed in the year 1942 when the NHL decreased teams after World war one and the great depression. The NHL had 6 teams.

1. Toronto Maple Leafs                                                                                     

2. Detroit Red Wings

3. Montreal Canadiens

4. Boston Bruins

5. Chicago Blackhawks

6. New York Rangers

This is a logo of the Hockey Hall Of fame. The original NHL hockey hall of fame was at Kingston, Ontario and is currently at Toronto, Ontario.


In the year 1959 Montreal Canadiens Goalie Jacques Plante started to wear a goalie mask after being hit in the face and stitched up. He was the first person in the NHL to wear one. At first many people thought that he wasn't brave and questioned his dedication. The goalie mask has become usual in hockey now. The last Goalie to not wear a mask was Andy Brown.


In 1967 the NHL added six new teams

1. Los Angeles Kings

2. Minnesota North Stars

3. California Golden Seals

4. Philadelphia Flyers

5. Pittsburgh Penguins

6. St. Louis Blues


The WHA (World Hockey Association) was created in 1972. It was the first major competition for the NHL. The NHL currently has 2 teams from the WHA

1. Winnipeg Jets

2. Edmonton Oilers

The WHA had star players like Gordie Howe, Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Bobby Hull and Paul Henderson.

The Avco World Trophy was the WHA's Stanley cup. The first winners of the Avco World Trophy was the New England Whalers when they beat the Winnipeg Jets in the finals of the 1973 season 4 games to 1. The next 2 years the Houston Aeros won the Avco World Trophy. In 1974 they beat the Chicago Cougars 4 games to 0, and in 1975 they beat the Quebec Nordiques 4 games to 0. In 1976 the Winnipeg Jets beat the Houston Aeros 4 games to 0. In 1977 the Quebec Nordiques beat the Winnipeg Jets 4 games to 3.In the final 2 years of the WHA the Winnipeg Jets beat the New England Whalers 4 games to 0 and beat the Edmonton Oilers 4 games to 2


in 1990 they had the first womens hockey tournament. Canada went 3-0 in the group station beating Sweden 15-1, beating Germany 17-0 and beating japan 18-0 . In the semifinals Canada beat Finland 6-5. In the finals Canada won the gold medal against the United States 5-2.


In 1994 the house of commons decided that hockey would be Canada's national winter sport and lacrosse would be Canada's national summer sport.  

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