Levels Of Organization


tissues are made up of group of cells examples  muscle tissues connective issues, nervous tissues, epithelial tissues. which all are in the picture above



the cell is the basic unit of life.examples animal cell, plant cell, blood cell.


when two tissues work together to do a job.examples lung stomach brain

Organ Systems

is a group of organs working together to make a organism. examples circulatory systems respiratory system and nervous system.


organisms is made when a group of organ systems work together. examples dog human bacteria.


the same type of cells living together. examples humans animals insects


populations living together in same place plants animals microbes which are all in the picture below


all the ecosystems make it up. tundras prairies deserts

Your body, as a whole, is one organism. However many parts make up that whole.The body contains several different types of cells, such as blood cells, nerve cells, and muscle cells. When these cells form they make tissues and two or more kinds of tissues working together make an organ. And then that makes organ system the organ system is everything needed to make up the organism. a group of organisms together is population. without population you couldn't have ecosystem because ecosystem is population living in the same place. and then all of them together make the biosphere. without one piece especially the organ system the body wouldn't be able to live because the organ system makes up the body by circulatory system respiratory system and many others.