Apps in the Class

5 different applications to use in the classroom


This app allows teachers and students to interact with the readings assigned in class. It also allows you to integrate background information on the readings and discussion topics. For students who are reluctant to reading, it has an audio component.

As a future English teacher this app would be highly applicable in my classroom. I would assign a Shakespeare play act by act and create a discussion topics in each section encouraging students to support each other in their understanding of the play. This would also allow me see where their Shakespeare comprehension lies, giving me the opportunity to review the necessary material in class to ensure the students are understanding what the play conveys.

In a World....Drama

This app allows you to make movie trailers with your own video clips and pictures.

In sequences with the last app, I would create a group assignment for my students to create a movie trailer for a specific Act in the play we are studying. Giving them the opportunity to show their creativeness and their knoweldge and understanding of Shakespeare.


Flipboard is a app that acts like a virtual magazine of interests. Once you choose your interests the app flips through the stories that may interest you. You can also connect directly to your Twitter account and it will show you the posts made by who you are currently following.

I as a teacher would create a specific account for my students to access and this app would allow them to view my posts with pictures and in a magazine form. I would put different papers, study guides, sparknotes, about the Shakespeare play, on through Twitter for the students to access for supporst int heir learning journey. I could also post different areas of interest and review for the students to move through at their own pace


This app supports teachers and students by making it easy to create lesson plans, study guides, quizzes or even flashcards. The lessons could be accessed from multiple technologies allowing students who do not have access to tablets or phones the ability to use it from a computer.

I would create a study guide and flashcards pertaining to the Shakespeare language  and play we were dissecting to support their learning process. These factors would support the new information they are gaining through fun and interactive  experiences.


This app uses multiple avenues to support learning. It is easy for teachers to create and for students to navigate through all aspects of a module. It allows teachers to create lessons, quizzes, exams, topic and polls. It also gives teachers responses to polls quickly and efficiently, quiz and exam results giving real time analytics.

I would use this app as way to track students progress in understanding and preparedness for an exam on Shakespearean culture. I would take polls throughout the module and give time for them to try the quizzes and post discussion points of concern. When I feel confident that the students have been able to access a well rounded amount of information and put their understandings to work collaborating with one another I would post and have the students access an exam from this app so I would have access to their marks instantly.

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