Day Care Provider

Description:Bathe,dress and groom, children and change diapers.Sterilize bottles and prepare formulas. Prepare nutritious meals and snacks for children.

Education and Training: Many childcare worker positions require a minimum of a high school diploma.Some childcare centers require workers have training in early childhood education. States may require childcare workers to complete formal training in child development to work in a licensed facility. Babysitter and nanny positions are not regulated, but employers, such as nanny agencies, many require workers complete training in the field. Preschool programs may require workers to complete a degree program in early childhood education or child development. I must have 7-12 kids,must have 24 childhood education or child development units . I must have a Master of Arts or a Master of Science degree.

Beginning Salary:Between $7.37 and $9.39 per hour

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