Image assignment part 2

distribution of ethnic groups


ethnic diversity

when did africa become so divided?

why are they so divided?

17 century african jewelry and pots and stuff


pre-colonial african jewelry and stuff

how do you make these things?

what were they used for?

arab slavers attacking african villiage


the capture of african slaves

are they raping these villagers?

why this village?

Fort Nassau


a slave trade fortress

how many slaves a day entered the camp?

does the camp have any strategic value for its location?

decks of a french slave ship


the blueprints for a slave ship

how many slaves could the ship hold?

could the ship defend itself?

slave auction Rio de Janeiro


where men would come to buy and sell slaves

how many slaves did they sell in the auction?

how many people attended?

cutting sugar cane


water color painting of a sugar cane plantation

how many slaves where required to work the fields?

how many slaves did you actually have?

slave village


the deplorable conditions of slave life

How many slaves could the village hold?

what were the living conditions?

plantation cooks


the people who could have poisoned their masters food

why didnt they?

what poisonous substances did they have?

sponge fisherman houses


the house of a sponge fisherman

where these people free?

how many people lived in that house?

womens clothing styles


womens styles

where these all the styles?

were these available to slaves?

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