Deflate-Gate returns:
The NFL Rules Tom Brady's Football's Used In The Playoff Game Against The Colts Were In Fact, Deflated.

As a sports fan, anything that disrupts the integrity of any sport catches my interest.  When that sport is football, my favorite of the four major American sports, I start to become opinionated.  Below are a few stories from big time news companies that voice the facts that led to the decision.


The biggest sports news provider, ESPN published an article explaining what happened with the final ruling in Deflategate.  Using information provided by the Associated Press, it is unbiased yet paints Brady and other involved parties in an unappealing light.  Published Wedensday on the home screen of the ESPN website, directly after the story came out, the story shows the importance of the story.  I had followed the story when the story first surfaced after the AFC Championship so I knew the general ideas behind it as well as some of the important facts.  This article was written for all sports fans by sports fans, making it a reliable source.  The story was published now because new evidence has come to light.  The story is trying to convey the importance Deflate Gate has had on the integrity of football.  It is an important source because most sports fans go to ESPN for all their sports news.  It can be implied that Tom Brady had something to do with the scandal as well.


Written by Buzzfeed reporters, Lindsey Adler and David Mack, they take the same stance that what the patriots did was unjust.  The article was produced on Buzzfeed hours after the story broke.  It shows the source was quick to provide answers to questions readers might have.  I knew that buzzfeed didn't always go off of Associated Press information but this article did seem to match up with that of the ESPN one.  The audience was for sports fans.  This makes it reliable because sports doesn't have a lot of grey area to it.  The article was published hours after the story broke because it was imperitive sports fans knew about it as soon as possible.  The source is trying to convey the facts.  This source is important because it is one of the biggest entertainment news facilities sin the world.  It reaches more people, even those who don't follow sports.  


USA Today's sports writer Jarrett Bell, wrote an article on the current deflate gate situation and why the NFL can't go easy on Brady.  Bell feels that if the NFL went soft on Brady's punishment, it would send a bad image for the NFL.  The article was published on USA Today hours after the story broke.  It made the information relevent and it was soon enough for people to read and develop opinions.  I know enough about the scandal to understand, for the most part, what was going on and why it was such a big deal.  The news distributer the article was posted on was USA Today.  It targets all Americans but mostly for the sports fans.  The article is trying to convey why it is so important the NFL give Brady and other party's involved in Deflate gate hard punishments.  It is signifigant because this source can sway people to think certain ways on the topic.

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