The Great and Powerful Egypt

The Mighty Pyramids

Ancient pyramids in Egypt.


Egyptian pyramids contain many, many different things. One thing Egyptian pyramids contain are riches. Riches were mostly gold and jewelry. But, in these large structures, there is much more than just gold. There are also chambers. One is the King's chamber, while the other is the Queen's chamber. Two other areas is the subterranean chamber and the grand gallery. The last thing that is stored in pyramids are tombs of kin


Mummies are an amazing work of art. Mummification takes a VERY long process to complete. It can take up to several weeks to complete.

The Nile River

The Nile river was Egypt's main water source. The river is what kept Egypt alive.

Daily Life

Egypt daily life included lots of farming. Labor was big in Egypt life.

Egyptian Religion

Cats were considered gods in Egypt. They were VERY important in Egypt.


Egypt's geography is a large desert. It has a VERY dry climate . There is much plant life in Egypt.

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