Sexual Harassment

It's definitely a form of violence!


A form of violence that can make you loose your job or get suspended from school if seen doing it. To sexually harass someone means to bother them in a way that could indicate sexual motions or gestures.

Intimidating Behaviors to Watch For

  • Someone hanging around you constantly and not letting off.
  • Somebody touching your body in ways that are uncomfortable.
  • A person who makes rude gestures towards you.
  • Someone that comes way to close to you than you accept.

Strategies to Avoid or Overcome Harassment

  • Ignore and stay away from people who show "intimidating behaviors" to you. (avoid)
  • Tell a responsible adult about what's happening so it doesn't continue. (overcome)
  • Hang around kind, friendly, peers that can help you have power in numbers. (avoid)
  • Confidently tell the harasser that what he is doing is not right. (overcome)

Trusted Adults

  • Mr. Hampton (teacher)
  • Parents (household adults)
  • Brother (siblings)
  • Best Friend (Close Peers)

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