Otzi, the Iceman

Adriannna Pete

On September 19, 1991, two German tourists found a dehydrated corpse in the Otzal Alps on the Austrian - Italian border. After a couple of days the body was taken away to be examined. Researchers found out that the corpse (they named Otzi because he was found in the Otzal Alps), was 5'2 tall, had tattoos on his skin (researchers think its from something like acupuncture to release pain) and was 5,300 years old. Otzi carried things that we use everyday. Like a knife, axe and bags to carry berries and such. Later, in 2001, Otzi was examined again to find out that there was a arrow that was lodged into his shoulder. Researchers had the theory that Otzi was murdered. They also found that something was bashed into his skull.

                                            (picture of the Alps where Otzi was found)

video about Otzi

Researchers and Anthropologists have tried to understand the history of Otzi in many ways. One thing that they did was reenact what could have happened to Otzi by making complete replicas of the clothing and items he had on him at the time. Time is working against them to find everything they could about Otzi because back when he was alive, the researchers thought that it was a little bizarre that they had tools just like ours. So the researchers wanted to find out more about Otzi.

Researchers think this was what Otzi could have looked like.


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