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Five iOS Apps that can be used for K-12 Learning


What is it? It’s an app for any device that is used to help students create micro lessons on any subject they are learning and then download them as study guides, quizzes, or flashcards. All on your mobile device too! It connects social media websites to further intrigue the students, and get them connected.

How can it be used? This app would be great for students from grades 7-12, (Junior High/High School). A teacher can stay on top of what their students are learning by providing study guides for their students to access on the go. It allows educators to see just how much or how little mlearning is taking place. This app is meant for delivering short lessons to review, refresh and reinforce important information. It could be used by teachers to give students access to information so they can prepare for a test at anytime (including on vacations or sick days, when students miss what’s being taught in class).

Frog Dissection

What is it? Frog Dissection is a virtual alternative to the regular frog dissection. Using an iPad or any mobile device, students are able to do a virtual dissection of any animal, in the same way they would do a normal dissection in class. The images of the internal organs are 3D so students get a clearer image and more realistic feeling towards the dissection.

How can it be used? This app would be geared towards biology students in high school. I think it’s a great app because through my experience some students find real dissections uncomfortable, or they can’t handle the smell. This is a great way to get those students still involved! This app is a great way for students to revisit a dissection before an exam because this way they won’t have to rely on their memory about the dissection.


What is it? xSpell is a fun and interactive app that allows students to take spelling tests. There are standard curriculum spelling tests incorporated into the system, but a teacher can make their own spelling tests of up to 24 words. The computer says the word and the students type it, if they get it correct they move on, if not they get two attempts than a hint feature becomes available. At the end of the exam it gives a review so students can see what words they got right and wrong, and what words they needed hints.

How can it be used? I think this app would be good for elementary school so Kindergarten to Grade 6. Teachers could send lists home with students of words that could be on their next spelling test and the parents could input the words into the program. This way students can learn on their own time, and don’t need a parent or friend to say the words for them. This allows the student to be independent and learn the words on their own. This is great because students can learn words on their mobile devices, which allows them to learn anywhere and at anytime and most importantly at their own pace!

The Math Tree

What is it? The Math Tree is a fun and easy to use app for younger children to learn early arithmetic. It is interactive so children can subtract or add a variety of animals/fruits which makes addition and subtraction more fun for them.

How can it be used? This app would be more aimed towards teachers who are teaching lower grades in elementary school (Kindergarten or Grade One). Math is difficult for many students, so this is a great app to intrigue students and make math more exciting for them. It provides a visual and hands on approach for learning math. So a teacher could build a lesson around addition and/or subtraction using the app.


What is it? Socrative is available on all servers and devices including Kindles! Which makes the education very accessible. This app is for both student and teacher, it allows teachers to engage students in-class, in real time. You can create assessments, poll students and ask them questions all from you teacher desktop!

How can it be used? I think Socrative is more for Junior High to High School students so Grade 7 to Grade 12. One tool from Socrative that would engage students in the classroom would be the Space Race. Teachers upload a quiz and divide the class into teams. Each team has a point person to input their answers, and essentially the more answers they get right the further their rocket ship goes, and the closer they are to winning. I think this is a great tool to get students engaged while learning the content.

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