European Slave Trader

European Slave Traders were in a very profitable business that boosted economies. They not only brought business to them selves, but to others that helped transport the slaves.

Slave traders were very wealthy people. A Spanish trader would pay an African Slave Trader for a large amount of slaves then sell them each at a high price to work on land across seas. This created jobs for ship owners, sailors, and surgeons. With more jobs available, the economy boosted and European Slave Traders gained more wealth. As the result, more farming started in Portugal and Brazil where the Spanish brought their slaves.

Spaniards getting slaves aboard the ship in Africa to transport to South America

Life was hard for people living on slave ships. The slaves were forced in to crowded spaces that constricted them from moving around. Men, women, and children were separated and sometimes crews would keep some slaves on deck to work or for entertainment. Because most of the slaves were packed in tight areas, diseases were a common reason for deaths. Most European Slave Traders hired surgeons to help keep massive amounts of slaves and crew members dying on their journey across sea from the spreading illnesses. If a slave on board showed signs of a serious illness or were deceased, they were thrown overboard.

Even though being a Slave trader wasn't a job full of good morals, most Slave Traders did not mind. With the wealth that came with the cruel job, it was easy for people in Spain to turn their heads from sight of the harsh treatment of slaves. As the economy boosted and more people gained wealth, it was hard for Spanish Slave Traders not to take pride in their jobs.