Holocaust; Ghettos  - Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

In the time between July 22, to May 16, 1943, Hitler decided to liquidate the Ghettos. German SS officers and police murdered and forced over 300,000 Jews into the Warsaw Ghetto. 265,000 where sent to the Treblinka killing center, & 11,580 sent to Forced Labor camps. The Germans murdered over 10,000 Jews during deportation. Only 35,000 Jews where allowed to stay in the Ghettos, and 20,000 stayed in hiding.

On July 28th, 1942, around 200 Jews created an organization to defend them selves, called the Jewish Combat Organization(ZOB), and the Revisionist Party created another group called the Jewish Military Union. They had hide out places, roof stations,& tunnels.

Jews being deported from the Ghettos

First facing between Germans and the ZOB

Between the four days of January 18 to Jan. 21, 1943, Germans came to deport more Jews, but the comeback that the Jews had planned made controversy. When it was time for the ZOB to take act, some hid in the planned hideouts, & some went out and acted to resist the Germans. By Jan 21, Germans managed to kill 1,000 on the first main square of the ghettos. From this gatheing, Germans where able to deport or kill 5-6,000 Jews, but suspended later deportations.

Destroying of the Ghettos; The Uprising Ends

On April 19, The great Synagogue was blown up by Germans as an act to show that it was the beginning of the end of the Uprising. After over a month of fighting, May 16, 1943 was the ending revolt. Jews barricaded themselves in buildings and Bunkers when the Germans came to deport and kill them. After 3 days, Germans begin to burn building by building, forcing Jews out, & after a few weeks the Ghettos where nothing but rubble. 56,065 Jews where reported, 7000 of them being the ones who stayed in hiding the whole time. Those 7000 where sent to the Treblinka extermination camp, the rest sent to forced labor camps & the Majdanek extermination camp. Very few of the Jews escape after the Uprising is over, & those few participate in Partisan groups.

Warsaw Ghetto Survivor; Jakub Gutenbaum

83 year old Jakub Gutenbaum, a survivor of the Warsaw Uprising, tells about being prisoned in hot basements with his family, blocking all air ventilation to make sure no smoke got in(while the Germans burned all buildings). Eventually him & his family where held at gunpoint, forced them to Umschlagplatz, which is the departure station to be sent to Majdanek & other Extermination camps/gas chambers. Jakub speaks of the scenes from Umshlagplatz:

"beating people, smashing skulls, demanding everyone's belongings".

Jakubs mother and brother where killed when sent to Majdanek, but he was sent to other camps and eventually saved by the Soviet Red Army.   

Heinrich Himmler: The head of the Uprising

Himmler was a military leader & one of the main leaders of the Nazi Party, and the one responsible for planning the Warsaw Uprising in Poland. He was also the Chief of the German police, but his past plans where to be a Farmer, even getting a degree in Agronomy. Himmler was married to Margarete Boden, they had four kids together. He fought in WWI, and soon after drifted to the Right Wings soldiers Organization. This is where he met Hitler, and joined Hitlers movement "The Hitler Putsch", an attempt to take over Government, and soon after Hitler assigned him Head SS. Himmler was pretty much Hitlers best friend, being that he called him "der treue Heinrich" which means loyal Heinrich.

Hitler & Himmler

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