mLearing through iOS in an Elementary School Setting

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Cursive Writing Wizard

What is it? Cursive Writing Wizard is an iTunes app that allows students to learn how to write cursively, all while having the opportunity to verbally record words and learning how to spell. It is available for both the iPhone and the iPad.

How could it be used in class? Students are able to work individually, at their own pace and level, on their writing and spelling. Students who have a heard time reading have the options to record and add words to their spelling repertoire through audio. Worksheets are also provided for students to complete.

Splash Math

What is it? Splash Math is a great app to help elementary students work on their mathematics skills. Each elementary grade level has its own respective app (the provided hyperlink brings you to the first grade version of the app). It is formatted as a workbook and provides interactive features, practice problems, personalized learning, fun games and weekly emails to track the students' progress. It is available on both the iPhone and the iPad.

How could it be used in class? This app could be used to work on math skills in class. The fact that it has interactive features (such as dragging and dropping numbers, shapes, etc.) targets many different types of learners, and the personalized learning allows students to work at their own pace in the same classroom. Students are able to gain a wide variety of mathematics skills through this app and are able to practice them as well, all while the teacher is keeping track through physical observation or emails.

Real Vocabulary

What is it? Real Vocabulary is an app that is a comprehensive and flexible language program that targets grades K-5. It includes images and pre-recorded audio, and provides options for the user to download their own audio, pictures and words. This allows the app to be personalized to the student's needs, and if used by speech therapists can be modified to fit the proper curriculum set in place for the student. Real vocabulary is compatible with the iPad.

How could it be used in class? This app would be great to use in class to break learning barriers. Students can use one of two tasks: expressive or receptive. They can either chose an answer to the specific question by clicking it or verbally state the answer, which targets different types of learners. These different tasks allow for those who are limited to either verbal or kinaesthetic communication to accurately express their responses. This could also be used in a language course and in speech therapy for those who have disabilities in regards to speech.

School Words

What is it? School Words is an app that provides flash cards on whichever device used with pictures and audio clips of the word. There are many different word categories such as: instruments, fruit, birds, etc. This app is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

How could it be used in class? This app would be ideal to use in class for children learning how to read, write and even just associate an image with a newly learned word. This app could be good to use in ESL setting as well; students can associate the image and the word in their first language with the new word, and can also learn pronunciation with the audio clips. Having the word written out on the flash card and said in the audio clip targets different types of learner, which can remove learning barriers in the classroom. It is also a fun learning activity for children at an elementary level.

Quiz and Flashcard Maker

What is it? Quiz and Flashcard Maker is an app that allows students to create their own flashcards and quizzes. This app also allows teachers to create quizzes and distribute them to students so they appear on their individual devices. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

How can it be used in class? This app is a great study app. Students are able to create flashcards to review content before exams, or even create flashcards for presentations. Students are also able to create quizzes to quiz themselves or classmates for in class studying or at home studying. Teachers are also able to send out quizzes for in class (or at home) review to students.

Math Bingo

What is it? Math Bingo is an app that provides practice with many different math skills that goes with the curriculum through a bingo game for two. It targets grades K-6 and is compatible with the iPad.

How can it be used in class? Students can get into groups of two with an iPad set between them and play math bingo targeting whichever math skill specified by the teacher. This can be used as a revision tool, an evaluation tool, a perfecting of math skills tool or even just for fun. Students get to also work on their interaction being as one device is shared between two students.

Math Drills

What is it? Math drill is an app that provides drills for students to practice their math skills. These drills are personalized according to problems answered incorrectly or slowly. This app also explores different ways of reaching solutions to math problems such as blocks, lines, hints or facts. This app is geared towards the higher levels of elementary and even into junior high.

How could it be used in class? Students could use this app to learn new skills or further develop math skills they have troubles with. Being that the drills provided are personalized based on the student's errors, the drills will provide specific help and practice to areas of trouble for the students. This app could be used as in class review or practice for content learned about in class.

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