Gifted Learners
by Cameron Gutierrez

What makes a student gifted?

Students are considered "gifted" when they have an IQ score of 130+

What is the definition of a gifted student?

U.S. Department of Education's Definition:

The term "gifted and talented" means students or youth who give evidence of high achievement capability in intellectual, creative, artistic, leadership, or specific academic areas AND who qualify for services or activities not ordinarily provided by the school in order to fully develop these capacities.

What are some signs of a gifted student?

  • Asks several questions and is very curious
  • Possess a large amount of information and have a good memory
  • Learn information quickly and display unusual academic achievement
  • Self motivated, particularly in areas of interest
  • Display unusual approaches to problem solving
  • May get off task and off topic easily
  • May become bored and disruptive during class
  • May become resistant to repetitive activities/memorization
  • Miss deadlines and become overwhelmed by taking on too much
  • May challenge authority and be seen as a "know it all" by their peers

Gifted Education Facts and Figures

72% of our states are NOT required to train teachers on the needs of gifted and talented students

Only 41% of classroom teachers HAVE been trained to work specifically with intellectually advanced students.

Gifted students have already mastered 40-60% of their grade level content by the FIRST day of school.

How to Help Gifted Students in the Classroom (Classroom Applications):

1. Gift independent learning projects that focus on depth of content.

2. Do not assign busy work to gifted students. They will resent it and most likely not complete the work.

3. Do not simply pair gifted students with lower level students. They need enrichment not tutoring practice.

4. Allow gifted students multiple forms of assessment.

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