Sherlock Holmes


  • He was a fictional detective.
  • Holmes is extremely intelligent and really polite
  • He is athletic, and known to have skill in boxing.
  • He is capable with a number of weapons, and has been known to use guns, canes, swords and riding crops.
  • He could play on the violin.


  • Brown eyes
  • Short dark hair
  • He had beard
  • Nationality : British
  • He was 6 feet tall and slim
  • born in 1854

About the author:

The author of Sherlock Holmes was Arthur Conan Doyle.He was born in 22 May 1859 in Scotland, Edinburg .He was a Scottish physician and writer.He was write fictional stories about the detective Sherlock Holmes and he also write fantasy and science fiction stories,historical novels, poetry and plays.

Famous stories and films:

  • "Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" (1892)
  • "The memoirs of Sherlock Holmes" (1894)
  • "The return of Sherlock Holmes" (1905)
  • "His last bow: some Later Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes" (1917)
  • "The case-book of Sherlock Holmes" (1927)

British life at the time:

In the 19th century families were much larger than today. That was partly because infant mortality was high. People had many children and accepted that not all of them would survive.There was great technological progress. Movies, automobiles, radio, and the first airplanes were invented in the 19th century.Medicine and surgery made great advances in the 19th century.

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