Diary of the North.

Charlotte Blue Diamond 11 New York

I live with my Mother Annabelle Diamond. My Father is in the Civil War his name Lee Diamond. We live in brooklyn.

Day 1

Its April 12, 1861, My father is in the war fighting. When I wake up I get ready for the day.  I go to the kitchen and help my mom get breakfast ready. I than wash the dishes for my mom. After that I get ready to wright to my father, telling him that I love hem and hope that he is safe. After all that I go horseback riding.I help mama fix up my daddy's old coat. I later help her with the livestock, feeding them and cleaning them up. I thank have to study and practice reading.

Day 2

It's November 7, 1862.

Daddy, I love and miss you, I hope you get home safe and sound. I have been helping mamma with all of the big chores because it takes two. Its hard work but I'll manged. I've been learning to read more and more. I can now read most of your letters back. Well daddy I have to go help mama with the animals.

Day 3

November 9, 1862.

I've been helping with the crops and replanting them. I help put up clothespins for soldiers,cook meals, I would sing a war song, and help clean up the house. I sent my daddy a gift today, I gave him a new hat that's like his old one but with no holes.

Day 4

November 12, 1862.

I have just got a letter from my dad. I was so happy to read it.


I have just got your letter, and I'm so proud of you! I hope to return soon to you and your mother. When I get back you and your mother will have the hole day off the rest. Love you!

Day 5

It was April 15, 1865,

To day we went to the play called “Our American Cousin." Father loves that play. We heard that president Lincoln would be there. I was so happy to go and meet him. During the play We had to stop it because president Lincoln arrived! I was so happy to see him!

During the play I heard a shot, but I must have imaged it. A little later I then heard some one yell and I looked  up to president Lincoln to see him dead. Daddy saw to so he covered my eyes. I heard a crack and I was so scared. I than heard some on shout it some weird language.

I than heard to mr. booth killed the president. I was sad to hear that. He was our hero and are savior. I think I might cry for his death.

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