Abraham & Lao Tse

Who? When?  What did they do?

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           Abraham was the father of the three biggest religions. Born in 1813 BCE, Abraham wasn't his real name, his real name is, Abram. He was born in Mecca, in the city of Ur. From an early age, Abraham questioned the faith of his father. He grow to believe that there was only one soul creator of the universe, With now a days we call him God. he began to teach other people about his belief, and because of this God spoke to Abram. He told Abram that if he left his home, and his family, he would give Abraham a great kingdom and he would bless him. Abram listened to god and in return, he was rewarded a great kingdom. After a while Abraham decided he wanted someone to fill his place after he was gone so he had a child with another woman. You see God didn't like this, so he decided to cast Abram's new baby and his mother out into the desert, this was the start of Islam. But after a while God did give Abraham a son. Abraham at the age  175.

        Lao Tse was a ancient philosophe and poet of China. He is best know for writing the Tao Te Ching.  Tao Te Ching is related to the religion of Taoism. Laozi, as some people call him, is believed to have lived around the sixth century, during the Zhou Dynasty. He was born 604 BC. He died 531 BC.      

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