Mongol Empire and Yuan Dynasty

The Mongols had many rulers, but the most known, and most popular is Genghis Khan. The Mongols were Nomads so they did not have a capital, they would move where the animals would go. The Mongols often would attack the Chinese, mostly during the Song dynasty. The Mongols would heard ship for milk, and also had Pax-Mongolia. Pax-Mongolia means that the Mongol Empire had a time of peace and no war. After the long problems with the Mongols and the Chinese, they finally got a inter-marriage.

The Yuan Dynasty's most accomplished, and most popular is Kublai Khan. The Yuan were not Nomads, unlike the Mongols, their capital for the empire was near Beijing, China. Kublai was the Great Khan for the Mongols until he took adopted some of the Chinese way of, like giving his Empire a Chinese name. The Chinese hated the Yuan Dynasty because the Chinese thought they were disgusting and rude. The Yuan had a very strong, and centralized government. The Yuan Dynasty had good foreign trade, had public work projects, and made a walled in empire.

Genghis Khan (Right) and Kublai Khan (Left)

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