Maintain a Healthy Home for the Whole Family with Carpet Cleaning

Do you know professional carpet cleaning in Jacksonville FL could prove to be a lifesaver? These days, one of the most common problems dogging both young and old is breathing trouble. Dust is the biggest culprit in this regard. If you have been meticulous in your cleaning regime but still find the members of your family suffering from allergic reactions, look closely at your carpet. When was the last time you had it cleaned? No, we are not asking about DIY jobs but professional cleaning. There is a world of difference between the two you know. Whatever you have done may have been hasty and haphazard in spite of your best intentions. The result being, you failed in removing the dust mites inhibiting the intricate network of fibers.

Dust mites themselves are microscopic creatures and their feces tend to cause health havoc if not cleaned on a regular basis. These are so small that 7000 creatures will fit in a single fingernail. At any point, homes may contain 200 million mites capable of doubling population within 10 hours. However, the real problem is not the mites but their excreta. Researchers have proven conclusively that a protein present within the refuse causes most of the asthma attacks and allergies. Every dust mite will produce maximum 40 pieces on a daily basis so it is up to you to keep up with these numbers. Carpets are the happy ground for dust mites because even the cleanest of homes tend to have a dirty carpet.

Carpet cleaning in Jacksonville has the means and the capabilities to do away with dust mites populations completely. So when this item comes back from the store you are sure of a healthy and hygienic piece that will not trigger asthma attacks anymore. Everything from the dirt that comes with your feet, the outdoors, through the windows and other openings as well as with the pets, facilitates the growth of dust mite colonies. When you walk over the carpet, it releases feces present inside the fibers and they become airborne finally landing on your nose or eyes and travelling to the lungs.

As you can see, these are one of the most difficult allergens when it comes to control but never impossible. With professionals at the helm, you no longer have to worry about effective destruction and complete removal of the colony, dead bodies, and most importantly the feces. Cleaning services use a wide variety of methods, the most popular among which is the extraction with hot water method. Here the cleaning solution is applied on your carpet at high pressure. This in turn will break away the dirt, allergens, and all the pollutants that makes life difficult and home environment unhealthy.

After this, equipment will apply suction to remove all residues like the feces of the dust mites. No doubt, your home and the family are most important in your life. Why let something as simple as dust on the carpet compromise your peace of mind? Do not postpone carpet cleaning anymore. Visit the website today!

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