The Key to Great Web Searches

Objective: Today you will learn how to make smart decisions about your internet searches.


Step 1: Think about what makes a good internet search? How can you quickly find good, reliable information? Think about a time when you had trouble finding what you were looking for on the internet.

Step 2: Discuss with a partner. What suggestions do you have for finding the best information online? Share with the class.

Step 3: Watch the following presentation with your partner. Take your time and answer the questions on each slide. At the end of the presentation, work with your partner to complete the word web on the last slide. Be prepared to share with the class.


After exploring and discussing the presentation, you will make a Flipbook about conducting a smart internet search.

Step 1: With your partner, choose a term or topic about which you want to learn more.

Step 2: Using the skills you learned in today's lesson, conduct your search and find the top three sources that you think are best.

Step 3: Make a Flipbook (link below) teaching someone how to make a smart internet search. Use examples from the lesson and from your search results.