Raising awareness on AIDS in Africa


Funding against HIV/AIDS in Nigeria was 497 817 471 USD$ (2010)

Much of today's world in centralised about caring for each other and helping them. A country which is badly touched by an incurable disease is Nigeria. The first case was reported in 1986 and the first measure to counter the rapidly spreading disease was not enough to counter it. The world is always ready to help so an organization preventing AIDS/HIV is NACA, which stands for National Agency for the Control of AIDS. This agency serves primarily in Nigeria and is affiliated to the United Nations. Their current website is: http://www.naca.gov.ng/ they offer many services, such as ART (anti-retroviral therapy) against AIDS. It is important to know that Nigeria is not only one of the 3 most affected countries by the virus; it has affected around 2 to 3 million people alone. Just for personal culture, the most affected country is South Africa, followed by India and Nigeria being the third. Now, how was NACA formed? When? NACA was created in February 2000 as a non-governmental organization. Its mandates are to maintain stability, by cordoning and sustaining advocacy in all sectors against HIV/AIDS, to develop a policy, to collaborate, to create a plan, to monitor the spreading, all in the hope of getting a better situation where AIDS will be controlled. They and Nigeria's government makes a bilateral move together, as a united front, for helping the stop of the killing disease. Studies showed that in 2010, HIV/AIDS was on the decline passing from 6.1% in 2008 to 2, 7% in 2011. Which means that the efforts made by the organization has paid off quite well but without the government`s help it will not have went very far. Also, the government needed NACA as well, since they provided them with accurate data about what was the population going through. Most importantly is that NACA has formed many CSO (civil society organization), which on the field is always a good sign. We can’t say HIV/AIDS is stopped completely from spreading but with the population knowing the risks, being formed to know how to act to prevent it and finally by having organisms, such as NACA, I can safely say that it is well under control and it can only bring hope to the other African countries, and to the future generations.


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