My Favorite Things In Life

By: Anthony Guzman

This is Deadpool, he is just one of my favorite superheros. I like him because he is immortal and can use any weapon and still be skilled with it. His costume is made of my two favorite colors, red and black.

This video has two of my favorite things in one. The first thing that I like from this video is the game that they are playing, Minecraft. The other thing I like is the youtuber, Mitch or Benja Canada.

This song is called Some Nights it's by Fun. This is my favorite song because it makes me calm and it's very peaceful. I also like the name of the band, it's unique.

This map shows the location of my favorite NFL team; the Pittsburgh Steelers. They have one of my favorite colors on their jerseys which is black. The picture below shows my favorite wide receiver from the Steelers. His name is Antonio Brown.

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