Driving Distractions

Today, I want to talk about driver distractions. Driver distractions are things that cause a driver to be focused on something other than the road, such as Cell Phones, Radio, GPS and Passengers. Driver Distractions are the leading factor for car crashes world wide. This has become a big problem and is ending many lives all around the world.

What age group has the most deaths from car accidents due to distractions?

As of now there are 421,000 people that were injured in car crashes due to phones. 27% of those were below the age of 30 years. At any given time, there are 660,000 people using an electronic device while driving. It's a fact that teenagers crash more in their first year as a driver than any other time.

What are some things they have added to smart phones to make them safer?

Some things they have added are the "Talk To Text" which allows you to talk into the phone so you can still pay attention to the road while having a conversation. Another one is "Drive Mode" which windows added to their new phone. This includes an automatic phone silencer that is programmed to turn on when your car starts. You also can have a automatic text sender that will send a text telling them that you are driving.

What are some punishments for texting and driving?

In America the penalty is a fine. But they range from alot to a little. Like, Alaska has a $10,000 fine, and some states don't even have fines such as South Dakota, Arizona, Montana, Etc. The fine in Nebraska is $200. So now you realize that this is a bigger deal than you thought before you read this.                                                  

Wrap it up

After all this information. I think you get the point of why this is a big deal. It is ending many lives and it is against the law. Texting while driving is very dangerous, and think of this. One day it may save your life to put the phone down and drive.